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    Our Purpose

    Making The Moment Mean More is a rallying call to create the future of Lion, but it’s also a powerful reminder of why we’ve done what we’ve done since the very beginning. Pride in our past that fuels the passionate pursuit of our future.

    For more than 180 years, we’ve been the bridge between the everyday and extraordinary, by continually and relentlessly crafting, innovating and building iconic brands that have woven themselves into culture and our communities for generations.

    Right this second, gatherings of all kinds are happening, whether planned, spontaneous, big or small, and our brands have and will continue to enrich the connection and memorability of these moments.

    Whether it’s marked by the laughter and joy between friends, the long-time-between-drinks clink, or just a moment for yourself after a long day, it’s what we do that can make these moments mean that little bit more.

    But we have never settled for what we have, striving for more is in our DNA. ‘More’ is our hunger, our momentum and the beacon that fires our ambition and our commitment to enhance a world of moments yet to come.


    Is what we've been doing at Lion for 180+ years, and will continue to do. Brewing, distilling, innovating new products and crafting brands with enough scale to permeate popular culture all over the world

    The Moment
    Is where all of Lion's hard work pays off. Big, small, planned or spontaneous, The Moment is our window of opportunity to enrich and elevate times in which people connect with themselves or each other.

    Mean More
    Making a moment "mean more" is done by ensuring that no opportunity to enhance, enrich or embed meaning into a moment is left on the table. We'll never settle, our hunger to strive for better is in our DNA and will fuel our ambition, ushering in a new era of growth.
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    Never settling, we continue to challenge the status quo and seek out ways to do things differently. Read how we are going beyond to deliver more value for our business and society every day.