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    19 January, 2023

    Media Statement – Boag’s Visitor Centre

    The last few years have been very challenging for our business with overall beer consumption in decline, rising input costs and the impacts of COVID-19 on the hospitality and tourism industries.

    As a result, we have taken the opportunity to re-assess our offering at Boag’s and made the difficult decision to close our permanent hospitality and tour offering to keep our focus on brewing great tasting beer for Australia’s pubs, clubs, bars and liquor retailers.

    Sadly, this will result in some job impacts at the Boag’s Visitor Centre. We are incredibly grateful to these team members who have warmly hosted visitors and shared their passion for Boag’s with locals and tourists alike. We will be working with those impacted to offer our support, including through redeployment opportunities within the Lion business where possible.

    Our last day of trading at the Boag’s Visitor Centre will be 30 January 2023. This change has no impact on our brewing operations at Boag’s.

    Boag’s Brewery Director, Nathan Calman said:

    "We understand the closure of the Boag’s Visitor Centre comes as disappointing news to the local community.

    "The reality is that we are facing a number of sharply rising cost and regulatory pressures across our business and here in Tasmania specifically, including the cost of energy increasing by over 50 per cent, trade waste treatment costs and rising transport costs that have led us to make the tough call to simplify our operations and focus on brewing at Boag’s. These all come off the back of a very challenging period for the industry, which is yet to recover to pre-covid levels.

    "We’ve had constructive conversations with Premier Rockcliff today on the challenges we are facing and look forward to continuing our dialogue."

    Media contact:
    Tegan Flanagan
    [email protected]
    +61 419 949 767