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    9 December, 2022

    Aussie Beer Drinkers Summoned For Brewery Duty

    Australian beer drinkers are being summoned for Brewery Duty by self-professed legend, Merrick Watts.

    The much-loved Aussie comedian, radio and TV presenter, has issued a national call out for fellow beer buffs to register for Brewery Duty in the name of bettering Australian beer. By putting beer on trial, beer lovers can give feedback to help develop or tweak beers and enjoy some ice-cold ones whilst doing it.

    “If you’re a self-confessed zythophile like yours truly then we need your help putting brew on trial for the betterment of Aussie beer. Sipping on liquid gold and adjudicating over its refreshing deliciousness is a big responsibility, but the nation needs your dutiful, law-abiding taste buds and your expert verdict,” said Merrick Watts.

    According to recent research* more than one half of Australians say that the thought of being summoned for Jury Duty is an inconvenience, whilst almost 22% of the population would push their Jury Duty summons onto a friend if allowed. In addition, 1 in 5 Australians’ least favourite type of mail to receive is a Jury Duty summons letter.

    Lucky for these Aussies, Brewery Duty is not a conventional trial, and participants are free to carry out their service from the convenience of their home.

    The same research also found that 13% of Australians would rather give up sex for a year then do Jury Duty, and over 20% of the nation would prefer to give up chocolate for a year if it meant they didn’t have to carry out Jury service.

    “Brewery Duty is a summons all beer lovers want. You’ll hear no excuses from this guy – sounds like a winning case to me! Sit back, relax, savour that froth and enjoy the trial”, continued Watts.

    By registering their position in Brewery Duty, Aussies may be called upon to trial and deliver their verdict on the taste of some of Australia’s most wanted beers.

    Go to breweryduty.com for further details on how to register. Terms & conditions apply. Always enjoy alcohol responsibly. Beers on trial Australia – help crack the case!


    *The Pure Profile study was conducted online between 26-30 November 2022. The sample comprised a nationally representative sample of 1009 Australians aged 18 years+ and enrolled to vote.

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