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    8 May, 2022

    Lion Announces XXXX Zero The Nation’s First Carbon Neutral Alcohol-Free Beer

    Iconic Australian beer brand XXXX has announced a major innovation within the non-alcoholic beer category with the launch of XXXX Zero, Australia’s first carbon neutral alcohol-free beer.

    XXXX Zero is an easy drinking lager made with premium Australian barley, malted in Queensland, offering the same, classic malt flavour and clean aftertaste from the XXXX range. XXXX Zero has been brewed with Nelson Sauvin hops which gives a slight aroma and crisp finish, making it perfect for all occasions.

    Created for beer lovers who are looking to moderate their drinking and make a more sustainable beer choice, XXXX Zero proudly joins the portfolio of one of Australia’s most loved beer brands.

    “We’re excited to be adding an alcohol-free option to the popular XXXX range. Over our 144-year history XXXX has continued to evolve to meet changing consumer tastes. We’ve taken time to create a product that not only talks to a new generation of discerning drinkers but also gives a XXXX about the environment, as Australia’s first carbon neutral certified alcohol-free beer,” said XXXX Brand Director, Chris Allan.

    “XXXX previously pioneered the mid-strength market with the launch of XXXX Gold. We’re committed to innovation that empowers Aussie drinkers to make the choices to suit their lifestyle. XXXX Zero is a beer that can be enjoyed for more occasions.” added Allan.

    The new XXXX Zero is catering to a shift in Australians’ drinking habits. There’s a rising trend in favour of moderation, as alcohol-free beer becomes the fastest growing segment within the beer category, growing at 62% year on year*. Queensland is the largest alcohol-free beer market within Australia, outranking both New South Wales and Victoria.

    Extending the brand’s industry leading sustainability efforts, XXXX Zero has Climate Active carbon neutral certification, with the brand already pledging to use 100% renewable electricity by 2025.

    With the certification of XXXX Zero, a Climate Active spokesperson noted XXXX parent Brewer Lion continues to be part of an ever-growing network of organisations taking climate action and working within their sectors to drive change. The spokesperson said, “It’s great to see new carbon neutral products emerging in the market, providing more sustainable options for consumers. Reducing emissions is a shared responsibility and it is encouraging to see Australian brands like XXXX doing their bit.”

    XXXX Zero will be available in 330ml bottles to purchase in liquor stores and pubs in Queensland from May 2022. RRP $12 for a 6-pack.


    For further information please contact:
    Francesca Di Stefano
    Thinkerbell, on behalf of XXXX
    [email protected]
    0438 656 328