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    Speights Zero
    27 September, 2021

    No Pressure, Mate: New Research Suggests A Decreasing Social Pressure Around Our Drinking Habits

    The chorus of “come on, mate!” that members of the group are met with when admitting they’re not drinking alcohol is a line that many New Zealanders are familiar with.

    This kind of attitude might be on its last legs, however, with research revealing that 80% of Kiwis now take a flexible or part-time approach to drinking, embracing low and alcohol-free alternatives – a statistic that is particularly true for those aged 18-25 years.

    Interestingly, this new research found that 77% of Kiwi blokes would like to alternate more between drinking alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages when socialising with their friends, and 30% report still feeling the pressure to drink alcohol in certain situations.

    Fortunately, with 4 out of 5 Kiwis taking a part-time approach to alcohol, this pressure might be more of an illusion than a reality.

    A whopping 91% of NZ males responded that they wouldn’t care if their mate didn’t drink alcohol on a night out, suggesting that fears about seeming like a ‘bad sport’ are unfounded – and suggesting a decreasing social pressure around our drinking habits in New Zealand.

    In fact, 65% of Kiwis feel fully comfortable not drinking on a night out, even when others are – suggesting that sober socialising is acceptable and not as terrifying as it once was.

    This research was commissioned by Speight’s, New Zealand’s largest beer brand, to celebrate the launch of Speight’s Summit Zero, the brand’s first alcohol-free beer.

    A concept that revolves around balance and moderation, a part-time approach to drinking means that many Kiwis are now choosing the plethora of low or alcoholic-free alternatives available in many social situations, where they might have traditionally chosen an alcoholic drink.

    Additional statistics from the research that shed light on Kiwis’ drinking habits are:

    • 80% of Kiwis say that they would like to alternate more between drinking alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks when meeting friends
    • Over half of Kiwis say that their approach to drinking has become more flexible over the past three years
    • 84% of younger respondents aged 18-25 will often alternate between alcoholic and alcohol-free beverages on a big night out, compared with 76% of older respondents aged 45-60
    • Social occasions where Kiwis are choosing this flexible approach range from nights in the pub, to weddings, date nights, romantic meal out, and celebrations such as toasting an engagement

    According to Kris Hansen, Speight’s Senior Brand Manager, there is a moderation trend amongst consumers looking for more flexible drinking options.

    “We’re seeing increased demand for reduced alcohol or alcohol-free beverages across the industry, so it is the right time for NZ’s largest beer brand to launch a 0.0%* beer.  As a brand, Speight’s champions mateship, so it was important for us to offer beers for all occasions.  With the launch of Speight’s Summit Zero, there’s zero reasons not to catch up with your mates.”

    1. *<0.05% ABV
    2. Consumer research source: 3Gem on behalf of Lion NZ, August 2021, sample size 1,000 male/female New Zealanders aged 18 – 65


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