25 June, 2021

    Havana Coffee takes fair trade further with REALTRADE

    Havana Coffee Work and Coffee Imports, based in Wellington, New Zealand, has been pioneering the real trade model since 1997.

    Over time, through an in-depth understanding of the coffee industry, we developed our own trading model – reflecting our commitment to respectful and meaningful relationships with suppliers, and contributing to the sustainability of not only suppliers’ farms, but the broader communities they are a part of.

    At the heart of REALTRADE is a simple idea: that if you take care of the origin of your coffee, the coffee it yields will be higher in quality.

    In the REALTRADE model, Havana pays over and above market prices. However, this relationship to origin extends beyond merely the economic, with frequent visits to origin farms, forming a genuine connection to the farmers, their families, their workers and communities.

    The understanding this fosters in turn drives Havana’s commitment to achieving real social and environmental impacts that are not simply a consequence of premium trading prices, but the reason we offer them.

    This develops a reciprocal trust and respect with our farmers, who honour this relationship by striving to provide their highest quality coffee to Havana.

    Our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility is not only good for our planet and our people, but good for our business and customers too.