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    7 August, 2020

    Fat Tire Amber Ale Becomes America’s First Certified Carbon Neutral Beer

    Fort Collins, Colorado – New Belgium Brewing announced today that their flagship Fat Tire Amber Ale is the first nationally distributed beer to earn carbon neutral certification in the United States. In addition, New Belgium Brewing is committing to make its entire business carbon neutral by 2030. Fat Tire’s carbon neutral certification is the next major step in New Belgium’s decades-long efforts to make climate action core to their business model, raising the bar for the entire brewing industry.

    To drive action and raise awareness, a few like-minded retailers in several markets will voluntarily hike the price of Fat Tire six-packs to $100 today (International Beer Day). Fat Tire’s ten-fold price increase is designed to spark customer attention around the growing agricultural disruptions caused by climate change, which will drive the prices of staple products like barley, wheat and rice to unaffordable levels. The price change reflects the potential true cost of beer in the coming decades if climate change isn’t addressed immediately. The entire brewing industry, along with countless other industries, will suffer broken supply chains and rising costs as climate impacts escalate.

    New Belgium Brewing’s CEO Steve Fechheimer is calling on Congress to address the looming climate crisis as part of their efforts to stimulate the economy in response to COVID-19. Expressing a sharply worded warning that the climate catastrophe would make the health and economic crises of 2020 feel small in comparison, Fechheimer outlined four key policy provisions that together would create a powerful, carbon-free engine of prosperity for current and future generations.

    “We failed to prepare for COVID-19, but we have a historic opportunity to learn from our mistakes,” said New Belgium Brewing CEO Steve Fechheimer. “The climate crisis is an economic catastrophe far greater than the one we’re experiencing now – and strong federal investments in a zero-carbon future represents the very best way to rebuild a thriving and resilient American economy. As CEOs, we know this better than anyone, and we need the entire business community to make a forceful economic argument for climate action in Congress.”

    Since the inception of Fat Tire Amber Ale in 1991, New Belgium has worked to cut its environmental impact by becoming the first wind powered brewery, producing electricity onsite through solar and biogas technology, establishing the first carbon footprint study for beer and donating $17 million to climate and environmental advocacy.  To avoid living in a world where a six pack of beer costs $100, Fat Tire’s goal is to inspire other industries to act now and support the fight in ensuring a sustainable future for all.  To learn more about Fat Tire, carbon neutrality and how you can get involved, visit www.drinksustainably.com. Fat Tire’s carbon neutral status is certified by SCS Global Services using the international recognized PAS 2060 standard.


    About Fat Tire

    Fat Tire Amber Ale was first introduced by New Belgium Brewing in 1991.  The award-winning easy-drinking ale from Colorado instantly became a favorite of skiers, climbers and cyclists across small mountain towns before then establishing itself as one of America’s most popular beers.  A member of 1% For The Planet, Fat Tire has embodied a commitment to social and environmental responsibility for nearly 30 years by implementing energy efficient brewing practices, advocating for public lands protection and most recently becoming America’s first certified carbon neutral beer in July 2020.

    About New Belgium Brewing

    New Belgium Brewing is recognized as a leader in sustainability and social responsibility. Founded in 1991 in Fort Collins, Colorado, the company expanded to Asheville, North Carolina in 2016 and Denver, Colorado in 2018 and is now the 4th largest craft brewery in the U.S. Dedicated to proving that business can be a force for good, New Belgium is a Certified B Corp and was the first brewery to join 1% For The Planet. The brewery has donated over $26 million to charitable causes since 1991. New Belgium is famous for its flagship beer, Fat Tire Amber Ale, along with year-round favorites like Voodoo Ranger IPA, Mural Agua Fresca Cerveza, and La Folie Sour Brown Ale; as well as an award-winning wood-aged sour program and innovative limited release beers. To learn more about the full product lineup and New Belgium’s Human Powered Business model, visit NewBelgium.com