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    23 March, 2020

    Statement Attributable To Lion Australia Managing Director James Brindley

    23 March 2020: In light of the most recent announcements from the Federal and State Governments, we would like to reassure our retail customers that our breweries remain fully operational under the strictest health and safety regimes, and we are committed to continuity of supply.

    As we have already indicated, you cannot turn off and then quickly turn back on our major breweries. The UK, EU and US have kept retail and takeaway liquor operating, and the supply chains behind them.

    We will be working closely with our retail customers as the situation evolves to ensure the hundreds of thousands of beer-drinkers around Australia are informed as to their responsibilities when it comes to social distancing and preventing the spread of COVID-19.

    We acknowledge this is an extremely distressing time for everyone involved in the hospitality industry. At Lion, we are doing everything we can to work quickly and provide our valued on-premise customers with the support they need right now.

    Following the Government’s announcement that pubs and clubs will close from today, Monday 23 March 2020, we are now in the process of working through options to assist our customers who are affected by this new closure order.

    Lion will take back unused kegs at no cost or charge and offer customers a credit. For safety reasons these kegs must be full and capped.

    It may take some time for us to come to your venue to collect these kegs, so we ask for your patience as we contact all impacted customers over the coming days and weeks to make the necessary arrangements.