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At Lion, we believe sustainability is really just good business practice.

Our core purpose – enrich our world every day by championing sociability and helping people to live well – is essentially a commitment to sustainability.

We firmly believe profit growth and social progress are not mutually exclusive. As we seek to grow our business and create value for Lion, we will do so in a way that also creates value for society by addressing its needs and challenges, through:

  • our products: optimising our portfolio and shaping vibrant categories;
  • our value chain: reducing our use of natural resources;
  • our communities: building sustainable farmer partnerships and improving our eating and drinking cultures;
  • our people: investing in an achievement culture with high levels of wellbeing.

We believe this is what delivers long-term, sustainable growth.


We are excited about innovation opportunities in every function of our business with the potential to achieve social and environmental benefits, while generating new sources of revenue or saving costs. Our experience with lower alcohol beer and functional foods offer a keen sense of the possibilities ahead.

Lion people fully understand their responsibility to use scarce natural resources with care and we, like our consumers, expect animals involved in the production of dairy products should be treated humanely. We are passionate about responsible eating and drinking and we use our trusted brands to deliver better-for-you options along with responsibility messages and advice.

We understand trust and quality relationships have to be earned. At the heart of everything we do is a belief that constructive and ethical behaviours are as important as results. We simply don’t value short-term results delivered in the wrong way.

  • Our Sustainability Story

    Sustainable decisions need to be made at every stage of our products’ journey from land to hand. Learn more about our commitment to sustainability at every stage of the product lifecycle, from product development to consumption.

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  • Environmental Performance

    We believe it is our responsibility to help preserve our lands and work for current and future generations. We apply best practice systems across our business, while working along the supply chain to encourage our partners to do the same.

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  • Community Investment

    Our Community Investment Program is an opportunity to give back to the communities that are crucial to the success of our business, to act on relevant social issues and contribute to programs our people are passionate about

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  • Sustainability Reports

    At Lion we believe it is important to be accountable for our sustainability performance and open to feedback from our stakeholders on matters of shared concern. One of the ways we do this is though our annual Sustainability Report.

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