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Community Investment

Our Community Investment Program is an opportunity to give back to the communities that are crucial to the success of our business, to act on relevant social issues and to contribute to programs our people are passionate about.

Community Investment Overview

Our Community Investment Program includes four key focus areas – positive relationships, a positive drinking culture, better nutrition for all and the preservation of our lands and natural resources.

We’re committed to deep partnerships with a small group of community partners in each investment area to ensure we can make a measurable impact. 


  • Positive Relationships

    Research demonstrates a person’s ability to enjoy healthy sociability and high standards of wellbeing is dependent on solid mental and physical health, good social skills, quality relationships, positive parenting and strong communities.

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  • A Positive Drinking Culture

    Without a positive drinking culture – where people drink for the right reasons and are sociable without causing harm to themselves or others – we will not achieve long-term, sustainable growth.

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  • Better Nutrition for All

    We think it’s unacceptable that Australians aren’t getting the nutrition they need. We believe everyone should have access to natural goodness, every day, and the nutritional literacy needed to support good choices.

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  • Preserving Our Lands and Natural Resources

    As a major manufacturer we believe it is our responsibility to help preserve our lands and natural resources for current and future generations and we invest along our supply chain to achieve this.

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