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Yoghurt, Cream and Custard

With household-name brands like Yoplait, Farmers Union, Pura, Dairy Farmers Thick & Creamy, YoGo and Divine Classic, our Yoghurt, Cream and Custard portfolio includes everything from the daily basics and nutritious lunchbox snacks to essential cooking ingredients and desserts.


Lion offers quality products both home and professional chefs and can rely on.  Our Pure Cream is the freshest choice available for practically all your cream cooking needs.  Our thickened cream is the perfect cream to give the wow factor to your cooking and for use in desserts such as trifles or as topping on a cake or pavlova.  Just whip it and use on pies or a hot fruit crumble.  Our sour cream is also the perfect accompaniment with nachos or wedges, or transform it into a delicious dip in minutes. 

Dairy Farmers