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Milk Beverages & Alternatives

Lion purchases around 1 billion litres of milk from more than 550 Australian farms each year to produce a diverse range of full cream, flavoured and modified fresh and UHT milks. These include popular brand names such as Australia’s number 1 milk brand PURA, Australia’s most trusted dairy brand Dairy Farmers, Dare, Farmers Union, Classic, Big M and Masters

Flavoured Milk

Flavoured milk is one of the most attractive segments in the dairy market. Lion markets the leading brands in the category and we are delighted about the growth we have been seeing across our portfolio. We are innovating to keep the segment exciting with new premium and low fat options.

Big M

Big M flavoured milk has a big history of flavours and summer fun and is available in Original Chocolate, Bigger Chocolate, Strawberry, Iced Coffee and Banana. Big M has been providing a big flavour hit for over 35 years.


    Masters is the largest Flavoured Milk brand in Western Australia and has been the taste of the West, produced locally in WA since 1964. Available in iced coffee, choc, mocha, double shot iced coffee, iced coffee light, strawberry and spearmint.

      Dairy Farmers Classic

      Dairy Farmers Classic was launched in 2010 in New South Wales and Queensland. This range is made wth fresh milk, simple ingredients and only natural colours and flavours. Dairy Farmers Claassic has a delicious, smooth and creamy taste that just makes you go Mmmm. Available in Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla Malt.

        Pura Classic

        There’s good and then there’s PURA Classic! Made the Classic way, PURA Classic is a market-leading flavoured milk available throughout Tasmania, South Australia, and the Northern Territory. PURA Classic has a smooth and creamy taste, available in classic favourites such as Chocolate, Coffee, Strawberry and more.

        • Pura Classic Chocolate
        • Pura Classic Strawberry
        • Pura Classic Banana
        • Pura Classic Mocha
        • Pura Classic French Vanilla Capuccino
        • Pura Classic Coffee