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Juice, Drinks & Water Ice

From fresh to ambient juice options, water and icy summer treats for the kids, Lion has a range of refreshing non-alcohol beverages to suit all ages.

Water Ice

Want to cool the kids off in summer? What better way than with water ice from Zooper Dooper in eight cosmic flavours, or Berri’s Quelch fruit combos. 

Zooper Dooper

Remember those hot Summer days when you were a kid? Water fights and the Slip’n’Slide. And of course, no Aussie childhood was complete without running through the sprinklers with a Zopper Dooper in hand. Originally launched in the 70s, today the iconic Zooper Dooper frozen tubes are still a favourite Aussie way to beat the Summer heat.


    If you’re looking for something cool and fruity then you’ve come to the right place. Berri Quelsch brings your ice-cold fruit sticks with 99% real fruit juice plus delicious fruit flavours. Just pop them in your freezer and you’ve got a fun and easy way to give your kids an icy treat.