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Alcohol Beverages

Lion is New Zealand’s largest alcohol beverage company. Our focus is on the production, marketing, sales and distribution of beer, wine, spirits, cider and RTD products, as well as a range of non-alcohol beverages.


When we started thinking about making ciders, we wanted to combine our commitment to quality brewing with our love of exploring and innovating. We’re excited to introduce a range of crafted ciders with imaginative flavour twists.

Isaac's Cider

A range of fine New Zealand ciders offering the crisp, refreshing taste nature intended.


    A range of ciders crafted to take the drinker's taste buds on a journey of discovery. Accompanied by a mid-strength offering.

      Speight's Cider

      A crisp, clean, dry cider. Speight's Cider is the refreshing way to conquer your thirst, best served over ice.


        Kirin’s passionate team of experts have studied the subtlety and balance of flavour for decades, and have now turned that craftsmanship to cider. Each of our ciders have been considered, balanced and perfected to provide a range of truly unique flavour expressions. The result is a range of carefully crafted premium ciders, infused with Japanese inspired flavours.