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XXXX Island celebrates first birthday with 1,000th visitor

XXXX Island, an idyllic spot on the Southern Great Barrier Reef, is celebrating its first birthday.

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10 October, 2013

XXXX Island, an idyllic spot on the Southern Great Barrier Reef, is celebrating its first birthday since putting the region in the spotlight as one of the most coveted destinations for mates’ trips away.

It’s been 12 months since the very first guest stepped ashore and to mark the occasion, XXXX Island has welcomed its 1,000th visitor to enjoy a slice of the good life with three of their mates. Of the one thousand guests, over 140 lucky locals have enjoyed a weekend away.

Mary Carroll, CEO of Capricorn Enterprise believes the past 365 days have truly impacted the local area.

  “XXXX Island has genuinely contributed to the local economy and tourism through the guests who stay there every weekend. Many local businesses have received significant financial benefit including transport operators, suppliers of mainland accommodation, food and fuel suppliers and a large number of local tradespeople,” she said.

 “The promotion and exposure on television of XXXX Island and the high profile guests who have stopped by for a visit including the XXXX Maroons, Rugby Union great Tim Horan, cricketer Nathan Hindmarsh, and TV and radio personalities Jules Lund and Gus Worland; has highlighted the Capricorn Coast and Southern Great Barrier Reef to thousands of Australians.

 “The people who have visited continue to promote their experience via word of mouth and social media which offers long-term advantages to the local tourism industry,” said Mrs Carroll.

 Mel Legge, Manager of XXXX Island, believes she has one of the best jobs in the world working at one of the most beautiful places in Australia.

 “Seeing the expressions of guest’s as they arrive at XXXX Island for the first time is just magic. It’s a special place that many people find extremely hard to leave. It wasn’t surprising to us when on one occasion, a guest refused to leave and went into temporary hiding.

“The remarkable marine wildlife in the region is a particular highlight for many visitors who get such a thrill out of seeing dolphins, whales and turtles up close. Other guests are just as content playing games of beach cricket, firing up the barbecue and hopefully enjoying the catch of the day by the campfire,” said Legge.

Some of the highlights enjoyed on XXXX Island over the past year include:


  • The biggest fish being caught – a Golden Trevally weighing in at 13.2kg
  • 4 hole-in-ones scored in just one weekend
  • Setting the record for kayaking around XXXX Island in just 12 minutes
  • The highest Jenga game of 35 tiers – just 5 shy of the reported world record!
  • One lucky person winning TWO trips to XXXX Island through XXXX GOLD on-pack promotions
  • Approximately 242,750kgs of steak cooked for guests
  • 52 games of beach cricket
  • A guest overcoming his 35-year long fear of flying to visit XXXX Island

XXXX Island features the creature comforts you’d expect on an island brought to you by XXXX GOLD, including specially fitted-out cabins such as the fishing shack, the footy shack and the campground; a custom-built ‘loo with a view’, a man-cave filled with bits and pieces to keep guests busy; and other small ingenious touches including the beer pulley system that transports beer from the bar to the tree house style lookout area.

 For more information on XXXX Island, go to www.xxxxisland.com.au or find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/XXXXGOLD