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Vitasoy Launches New Coconut Milky & Almond Milky Following Boom in Plant Milks

Leading plant-milk producer Vitasoy has today announced the addition of two new products to its popular plant milk range.

From 11 September Vitasoy’s new Almond Milky and Coconut Milky products will appear on supermarket shelves to meet a boom in demand for plant milk products[1].

The product launch coincides with Vitasoy unveiling the “Growing Milk since 1940” campaign – a platform that celebrates Vitasoy’s long established history of turning plants into delicious plant milk with added goodness.

This idea, designed to bring more consumers into the category off the back of macro nutrition trends, will be brought to life across all consumer touch points – starting with a packaging refresh that hits grocery shelves across September and October. 

An extensive communications campaign will launch alongside this transition across TV, outdoor and digital.  The creative concept plays on the incongruity of growing milk from the ground, whilst championing the heritage of Vitasoy.

New Vitasoy Coconut Milky and Almond Milky were created in response to consumers wanting increased texture, mouth feel and milkiness in their plant milks. Vitasoy Coconut Milky is made with coconut cream from real coconuts, and the goodness of calcium per 250mL glass[2]. Almond Milky is made with Australian-grown whole almonds, is a natural source of vitamin E and every 250mL glass provides one-third of an adult’s daily calcium requirements.

Both are naturally free from gluten, dairy, lactose, and soy and are also suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

These delicious plant milks launch at a time when Aussies are more health-savvy than ever[3], with more consumers paying closer attention to the food and beverages they consume and an increase in the number of shoppers looking to plant milks as an alternative, with plant-based diets increasing in popularity[4].

The key ingredients used in Vitasoy products are grown by Aussie farmers including soy beans, rice, oats and almonds.

Chris Gillard, General Manager, Vitasoy, said: “We’re enormously excited about the new creative platform for Vitasoy.  From the outset, we wanted to step change the way consumers appraise the category in order to accelerate penetration – we’ve even gone so far as to overtly call out the category as “plant milk” to connect our range of soy milk, almond milk, oat milk, rice milk and coconut milk with the fact that they are made from real plants.” Janine Waller, Group Nutrition Manager, Lion Dairy & Drinks said:

“More than ever, Australians are understanding the benefits of consuming plant-based foods including fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains – as part of a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle. As an increasing number of consumers enjoy plant-based alternatives, we are delighted to launch Vitasoy Coconut Milky and Almond Milky.”

Chris followed on with: “Vitasoy Coconut Milky and Almond Milky are the latest offering in Vitasoy’s extensive range of plant milks. We’re thrilled to be launching the new ‘Milky’ variants, which are exactly that, creamier, milkier tasting plant-based alternatives.”.

Look out for the extensive Vitasoy range of soy milk, rice milk, oat milk, coconut milk and almond milk on shelves across the nation from 11 September. With such an extensive range, there is something for everyone, be it to jazz up your coffee, add something different to your smoothie or a lactose free brekkie. For recipe inspiration and more information about Vitasoy’s extensive range of plant-based milk, visit: www.soy.com.au

The Vitasoy range is available across the nation at retail outlets in the popular 1 litre format.


Lion is a leading beverage and food company with a portfolio that includes many of our region’s favourite brands.

We employ approx. 6,700 people across Australia and New Zealand predominantly and take great pride in our local manufacturing footprint, which spans 34 sites – including milk, specialty cheese, yoghurt and juice sites, dairy farms and large breweries, craft breweries, wineries.

Lion is a company focused on long-term, sustainable growth. We have a clear ten year strategy to reinvigorate our beer markets and contribute to vibrant and responsible drinking cultures; transform our dairy and juice businesses and champion the nutritional credentials of our portfolio; and build our presence in high-value categories in targeted Asian markets. To achieve this we invest in our core strategic assets – our people, brands, production facilities and supply chain.


The Vitasoy story began in 1940 in Hong Kong, with our first soy milk production plant.

In Australia our state of the art production facility was built in Wodonga, Victoria, in 2001 for Vitasoy Australia Products Pty Ltd– a joint venture between Vitasoy International Holdings Ltd and Lion Dairy & Drinks Pty Ltd. This site manufactures a range of more than more than 30 plant-milk products under the Vitasoy brand.

Today, Vitasoy International Holdings has production facilities in Hong Kong, mainland China, Australia and the US. Our mantra is to constantly challenge the status quo to create innovative and dynamic improvements in our products and range.

Want to know more about our Aussie soy farmers? Visit www.soy.com.au

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[2] Based on an adults calcium requirements and xx mL of calcium per 250mL

[3] Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, How Healthy Are We? http://www.aihw.gov.au/australias-health/2014/how-healthy/,  2014

[4] Roy Morgan, The slow but steady rise of vegetarianism in Australia, http://www.roymorgan.com/findings/vegetarianisms-slow-but-steady-rise-in..., August 2016