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Tooheys New finds out what can be bought via Australia’s “Beer Economy”

Tooheys NEW, Australia’s fourth largest beer brand, has uncovered evidence of a flourishing, alternative economy that uses beer as its preferred currency


February 18, 2010

Wingmen and pet fish:

Tooheys NEW, Australia’s fourth largest beer brand1, has uncovered evidence of a flourishing, alternative economy that uses beer as its preferred currency. In a survey2 of over 700 people, more than 89 percent declared they have either offered or received beer for favours, ranging from playing the role of wingman to the purchase of a new pet fish.

“The survey findings support what most of us already know – that there is a successful, and largely unsung, ‘Beer Economy’ in Australia,” said Margaret Zabel, Lion Nathan Marketing Director. “A massive 89 percent of respondents said they’ve either offered or accepted beer as a thank-you for a favour; in fact we even found evidence of sports club membership priced in beer!”

Of the respondents to the Tooheys NEW survey who said they had received beer as a form of currency, a quarter had done so in return for playing the wingman role and almost 1 in 10 had provided an alibi for a white lie. As well as many of the standard things you’d expect – such as helping a mate move house or furniture and giving someone a lift to the airport – other services paid for in beer included:

  • Stepping in when the stripper failed to show at a hen’s party;
  • Introduction to a mate’s single friend;
  • Letting a mate crash on the lounge room floor; and
  • Delivery of lime stone blocks for a mate’s extension.

The Tooheys NEW What Can Beer Buy? Survey was commissioned to support the launch of the latest campaign from Tooheys NEW, which celebrates Australia’s other currency. To find out more on the Tooheys NEW Beer Economy campaign, please visit www.tooheysnew.com.au.

1. Nielsen December 2009 (market share by VOL%)
2. Tooheys NEW What Can Beer Buy? Survey of 792 people conducted via Survey Monkey, February 2010


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