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The Juice Brothers: Celebrating Aussie Growers

Introducing The Juice Brothers – a range of all new and all Australian juice that celebrates the hard-working orange growers in the Leeton region, and the history of where it all began.

The Juice Brothers: Celebrating Aussie Growers

7 May 2018: Introducing The Juice Brothers – a range of all new and all Australian juice that celebrates the hard-working orange growers in the Leeton region, and the history of where it all began.

The Juice Brothers is a tip of the hat to the founders of the Leeton juicing factory and their pioneering spirit that lives on in Leeton today. All passionate citrus growers, the founding brothers and a couple of mates started their business back in 1973 to ensure that their great tasting oranges did not go to waste.

In Leeton today, local growers echo this passion for sourcing, picking and blending only great quality Australian oranges to create high-quality fruit juice.

Their expertise and appreciation of local produce ensures that there are no compromises on quality, with generations of orchardists perfecting their craft amongst Leeton’s orange trees.

The Juice Brothers 1.5 litre range is available from May nationwide and includes:

  • Morning Start (a blend of pears, oranges, apples, pineapples, mangoes and passionfruit)
  • Summer Smash (a blend of oranges, pears , apples, bananas, pineapples, mangoes and passionfruit)
  • Apple & raspberry
  • Apple, pear & blueberry

All varieties contain no preservatives, colours, flavours or added sugar. Juices are made using only 100% Australian fruit with no fruit juice concentrate – just the way juice should be.

Darryn Wallace, Marketing & Innovation Director, Lion Dairy & Drinks, said the company is excited to launch the new brand.

“The Juice Brothers pays homage to the rich heritage of the Leeton juicing factory and the committed orange growers we partner with today,” he said.

“We’re proud of the long-standing relationships we’ve formed with more than 100 growers and their families, many of whom have been supplying fruit to us for generations, and are committed to working collaboratively to ensure we create the most delicious juices possible.”

Nestled in the heart of the Riverina plains, the Leeton region is abundant with quality oranges thanks to fertile soils and year-round water access. These conditions, paired with local generations of knowledge create the perfect conditions to produce quality oranges.

Third-generation Leeton citrus grower Greg Harrison epitomises the spirit of the brand, saying: “having been raised on a citrus orchard, knowing good juice is second nature to me. It is in the blood.”

He loves growing oranges and being his own boss. “Along with the rest of the Leeton team I have a thirst for constantly improving the flavor of our fruit which motivates me every day to ensure we are creating the best tasting fruit possible.”

In 2014 Lion Dairy & Drinks introduced The Goodness Promise – a commitment to putting nutrition at the heart of everything the business does and delivering more natural goodness to everyone across Australia – this new range embodies this ethos by providing a nutritious and locally sourced option for juice lovers across the country.

“We are all about healthy hydration and ensuring we can provide Australian consumers with products that not only taste great but are full of nutritious goodness,” said Darryn.

“The Australian Dietary Guidelines outline that a small[1] glass of fruit juice with no added sugar can count towards a serve of fruit on occasion[2], so drinking quality juice is a fantastic way for Australians to help get their intake of a core food.”

The oranges, apples and pears used within the range are juiced at Lion Dairy & Drinks’ Leeton juice processing site and then blended with other Australian fruit, such as pineapples, mangoes and passionfruit and bottled at the company’s Smithfield site. 

To find out more about The Juice Brothers range, visit www.thejuicebrothers.com.au 




About The Juice Brothers
The Juice Brothers is a range of bottled juices manufactured by Lion Dairy & Drinks and released to market in 2018. The range celebrates the two sets of brothers and their friends who founded the Leeton juice factory in 1973 to ensure their great tasting oranges didn’t go to waste, and the passionate orange growers that continue to pick the finest quality fruit for the Leeton site. The range includes Orange and Morning Start, and is available in 1.5 litres from May 2018.


About Lion

Lion Dairy & Drinks forms part of Lion, a leading beverage and food company with a portfolio that includes many of our region’s favourite brands. Lion employs approx. 6,700 people across Australia and New Zealand predominantly and take great pride in their local manufacturing footprint, which spans 34 sites – including milk, specialty cheese, yoghurt and juice sites, dairy farms and large breweries, craft breweries and wineries.


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[1] ‘Small’ is defined as 125ml,

[2] National Health and Medical Research Council (2013). Australian Dietary Guidelines. Canberra, NHMRC