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Lion’s statement re Berri Truly

Berri Pty Limited has a range of juice products to cater for varying tastes.

“Berri Pty Limited has a range of juice products to cater for varying tastes.  We are proud to source fruit from the Riverland region and continue to manufacture all Berri juice products in Australia, with the exception of our Berri Truly product, which is manufactured in Mexico.

 “Country of Origin labelling laws require manufacturers to state where the product is made, which Berri Truly clearly does.  Berri Truly’s product website also makes clear that the product is made in Mexico. “Food regulations in Mexico are very robust, in order to meet US import standards.  With respect to citrus, Mexican chemical residue standards are in fact lower than in Australia.  All Berri products comply fully with applicable Australian food standards, and are regularly monitored and tested for quality.

 “We do not apologise for investing in innovation to grow the juice category in Australia.  In the case of Berri Truly, the product required technology not available in Australia.  In launching Berri Truly, we were transparent with growers that – should it succeed – we would look to invest in bringing the technology to Australia and sourcing locally.

 “Unfortunately, Berri Truly has not met our performance benchmarks and Lion has advised customers and growers that we have deleted the product.  However, we will continue to innovate in the juice category to deliver more choice for consumers and benefits for other stakeholders.”

 For further information, please contact:

Natasha Whalley
External Relations Manager – Lion D&D
0429 152 731