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New coffee brand ‘Ground For Good’ launches in Auckland offering effortless giving with your daily fix

New coffee brand ‘Ground For Good’ launches in Auckland offering effortless giving with your daily fix

07 December 2018:  NZ is ranked the 13th highest consumer of coffee in the world and we have more roasters per capita than anywhere in the world*. We love the stuff – especially in Auckland, where on average we spend over $14 a week on coffee**. So what if we could make a difference with every cup we buy?

Let us introduce to you, Ground for Good. Trading off the back of a push bike at the Viaduct in Auckland, the City of Sails latest coffee brand is mixing Kiwis love for hipster coffee with a bloody good cause. The idea is to make it an effortless way to give back as part of your daily routine so for every coffee sold, $1 will be given to Auckland City Mission. Plus, because it’s trading from the back of a push bike it’s good for the environment too.

Ground for Good’s one man pedalling man, Cameron Leishman, will be steaming up Auckland’s coffee scene from the 6th December.  Young and energetic Cam has been on the coffee scene for a while now – working for the team behind Winona Forever and Friday I’m In Love, before joining the Drinks Collective to take on this new sole project.

Cameron Leishman says, “When I was approached by Drinks Collective to help them on their new project, I just had to give it a shot. There’s a bit of donor fatigue out there and I know people want to help but don’t think their small contribution will make a difference – but it does! If you’re one of the many that buys a takeaway coffee every day, if you could give just $1 with every cup, that really starts to have an impact.

“Ground for Good has been doing a bit of showcasing around town while we’ve had our training wheels on and people have been incredibly receptive to the concept. As a one-man band, it has that homely and crafted feel that you don’t often get in mainstream coffee establishments,” Leishman adds.

The coffee cart is parked up on Viaduct Harbour, in front of the old Vodafone building, between 7am and 1pm Monday to Friday. The world class coffee bike was created by NZ creative studio, We are Society, and uses high end, low impact materials and a state of the art (one at a time) coffee machine. All good things take time!

Coffees range from $4.50 – 4.90 (for large), a steal for a hand-crafted coffee in the big smoke. Soy, almond and regular milk is available alongside a variety of teas if you’re that way inclined.  The cart will also be serving the infamous Moustache cookies for punters wanting a little sweet treat to accompany their daily fix.

Ground for Good is now on Instagram and more information can be found on our website.





* Canstar Blue Coffee Survey, 2017

** Canstar Blue Coffee Survey, 2018


For more information reach out to:

Sophie.Kurta@lionco.com, 0276414764


About Drinks Collective:

The Drinks Collective is a separate alcohol-free division within Lion NZ – focused on providing adults with a range of premium and interesting crafted beverages. Our portfolio includes Hopt Soda, Good Buzz Kombucha, Mac’s Soda, Good Patron Coffee, Vitasoy and Nakd water.