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On World Milk Day, Lion Dairy & Drinks launches the Milk Loves You Back campaign to remind Aussies of the natural goodness of milk

With World Milk Day upon us, Lion Dairy & Drinks (LDD) wants to remind all Australians of the natural goodness of milk while they enjoy their morning coffee. Nine out of 10 Australians currently don’t consume their recommended serves of dairy or alternatives as shown by the Australian Health Survey.[1]

LDD has released a study today showing that three in five people admit they are ‘udderly’ confused about the conflicting dietary information about milk and dairy. So, with almost a quarter (21%) of women and 15% of men admitting that their main source of daily dairy is derived from coffee with milk alone there is a great opportunity for all Aussies to reawaken their consumption of milk and dairy products.

To encourage Aussies to up their daily dairy intake, Milk Loves You Back has launched, a campaign celebrating the natural goodness contained in milks like Dairy Farmers, Pura and Masters.

The Original Superfood

When you think superfood, you could be forgiven for automatically thinking of blueberries and chia seeds – 53% and 52% of Australians did so respectively. Meanwhile, just 20% view milk in the same category. And yet, there’s a strong case to suggest milk is the original superfood, as we know milks like Dairy Farmers, Pura and Masters boast a broad range of health benefits and 8 natural nutrients.

Unsurprisingly, calcium is by far the most recognised naturally occurring nutrient, with three quarters (73%) of Aussies knowing its prevalence in milk. However, nearly a quarter (22%) think there is only calcium in milk.

Correlated with the high recognition of calcium as a nutrient found in milk, Aussie adults, much like Aussie children, believe the primary health benefit gained from the consumption of dairy milk is strong teeth and bones (adults 80% and children 78%). Only 7% of adults and 5% of kids were able to correctly identify all health benefits gained from the consumption of the nutrients in dairy milk. Just 18% of adults believed the nutrients in milks like Dairy Farmers, Pura and Masters support energy release[2], and less than a quarter (24%) believed it to support normal brain function[3].

Hawthorn legend and father of four, Shane Crawford states: “As an athlete, milk has been an important part of my diet, from back in the day when I chose milk at the pub which earned me more time on the field. Today, as a father I see it being even more important for my kids growing bones, muscles and minds. My twins love milk and often sneak out of bed in middle of the night to grab some…I always let them get away with it.”

“With so much conflicting information out there, it’s not surprising that people are confused about the benefits of milk and dairy. It’s so much more than just calcium – the natural nutrients in milks like Dairy Farmers, Pura and Masters with the Milk Loves You Back Logo, carry the goodness of 8 essential nutrients that benefit your muscles, mind, eyes, energy and more.”

Getting Milk into Diets

Dairy isn’t just important for babies, children and the elderly, Australians of all ages require the essential nutrients provided in milk and dairy products, however only 20% are aware that the Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend consuming around three serves of dairy or alternatives every day[4].

The NHMRC’s Australian Dietary Guidelines says that your serves can come from dairy, being milk, yoghurt, cheese – mostly reduced fat options, or alternatives. We say “around 3 serves” because the exact number in Australian Dietary Guidelines depends on your age and gender. For example, the recommended serves per day of milk, yoghurt, cheese and/or alternatives ranges from 1½-2 serves a day for children up to 8 years old to 2½-3½ serves a day for older children and adolescents; 2½ serves a day for younger adults, pregnant and breastfeeding women, and from 3½-4 serves a day for older adults, particularly women.

The new study shows that 1 in 5 (21%) Aussies admit they don’t know what the recommended serving sizes of dairy or alternatives are, with 3 in 10 (31%) parents incorrectly assuming boys and girls have the same recommended intake. Meanwhile, more than 3 in 5 (63%) parents admit that they remember consuming more milk as a child compared to how much they give their children now. 

The new study shows that over half of Aussies are confused about the recommended serving size for cheese and yoghurt (56% and 55% respectively), and 2 in 5 (41%) are confused about the recommended serving size for milk. The Australian Dietary Guidelines state that a serve of dairy is equal to a cup (250ml) of milk, a tub (~200g) of yoghurt and 2 slices (~40g) cheese. So, getting three serves in a day is as easy as a latte and some milk on your cereal at breakfast, cheese in your sandwich at lunch and a tub of yogurt for afternoon tea!

Mixed Messages

The new study revealed the variety of sources Australians are turning to in their hunt for nutritional data and information. Women are more likely to refer to online sources such as online forums and Google searches (65%, versus 46% of men) health blogs (22%, versus 12% of men), and lifestyle blogs (14%, versus 5% of men). The variety of sources and conflicting sources could be a contributing factor to nearly half (45%) of Aussies admitting to have followed a dietary trend. Of these, half (52%) have decreased their dairy consumption as a result.

It’s especially important for parents and teachers to get the right information, as high school aged kids are most likely to turn to friends and family for nutritional information (75%). Three in 10 (29%) high school aged kids turn to a teacher for nutritional information on food and drinks.

Forget the myths, visit www.milklovesyouback.com.au for more information about the goodness naturally found in milks like Dairy Farmers, Pura and Masters.  

With the launch of Milk Loves You Back, rest easy knowing that when you pick up a milk carrying the Milk Loves You Back logo, you and your family are getting the goodness of 8 essential nutrients naturally contained in milks like Dairy Farmers, Pura and Masters[5].

Grab yourself some goodness, look out for the Milk Loves You Back logo across Dairy Farmers, Pura and Masters milks - in stores nationwide.


The research was commissioned by Alt/Shift on behalf of Lion Dairy & Drinks (LDD) and conducted by Lonergan Research in accordance with the ISO 20252 standard. Lonergan Research surveyed 1,037 Australians aged 18+ and 530 children aged 5-17 years old. Surveys were distributed throughout Australia including both capital city and non-capital city areas. The survey was conducted online amongst members of a permission-based panel, between 30 March and 4 April 2017. After interviewing, data was weighted to the latest population estimates sourced from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

About Lion:

Lion Dairy & Drinks forms part of Lion, a leading beverage and food company with a portfolio that includes many of our region’s favourite brands.

Lion employs approx. 6,700 people across Australia and New Zealand predominantly and takes great pride in their local manufacturing footprint, which spans 34 sites – including milk, yoghurt, specialty cheese and juice sites, dairy farms and large breweries, craft breweries and wineries.

Lion is a company focused on long-term, sustainable growth. Lion has a clear ten-year strategy to transform the dairy and juice businesses and champion the nutritional credentials of their portfolio; reinvigorate their beer markets and contribute to vibrant and responsible drinking cultures; and build their presence in high-value categories in targeted Asian markets. To achieve this Lion invests in their core strategic assets – their people, brands, production facilities and supply chain.

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[1]ABS; 2016. Australian Health Survey: Consumption of Food Groups from the Australian Dietary Guidelines, 2011-12. Cat 4364.0.55.012. Available: http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/Lookup/4364.0.55.012main+features12011-12

[2] Pura, Dairy Farmers and Masters milks contain vitamin B2 and B12 to reduce tiredness and fatigue, when consumed as part of a balanced diet.

[3] Pura, Dairy Farmers and Masters milks contain iodine healthy cognitive function and vitamin B5 for mental performance, when consumed as part of a balanced diet.

[4]Pura, Dairy Farmers and Masters: Project UNi Consumer Research 2015-16 (Included quantitative survey of 1,990 Australians nationally representative sample of main and joint grocery buyers)

[5]Eight nutrients promised, include: calcium, phosphorus, protein, iodine, vitamin B5, potassium, vitamins B2 and B12