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Mad Brewers launch new wee highlander scotch ale

Limited Edition Tap Brew From The Malt Shovel Brewery.

April 2013

Six months after the last Mad Brewer’s release, the team at the acclaimed Malt Shovel Brewery have launched Wee Highlander Scotch Ale; a limited release tap brew inspired by the Scottish heritage of brewer and ‘wee’ highlander Hamish McArthur.

McArthur, who joined the Malt Shovel Brewery team more than two years ago began working on the idea for the brew back in February.

“It’s been an absolute pleasure creating my own brew at the Malt Shovel brewery. The style and name of this brew originates from Scotland and my Scottish heritage; a Scotch strong Ale (or Wee Heavy) that we have dubbedWee Highlander,” he said.

Wee Highlander is a rich, full-bodied, Scottish Ale brewed using a small portion of peated malt to add a slight smokiness and malted oats to add depth of character.

“Just like traditionally brewed Scotch Ales this brew undergoes an extended boil which, along with the use of crystal malts, gives a high degree of caramelisation of the brew-house wort. The result is a brew that has a deep red hue and a much more pronounced malty caramel and roasted malt flavour,” said McArthur.

The extended boil also concentrates the sugars giving a beer that is fuller bodied and higher in alcohol (6.7%), making it suitable as a ‘winter warmer’ for that fireside sip. Hops are used in moderation allowing the malt sweetness to dominate.

Mad Brewer’s Wee Highlander, which is best served in a “thistle glass” will be available nationwide on tap in selected venues from April 19th until stocks last. Enjoy in moderation.