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Lower the standards, raise the game

To help empower bar owners and drinkers, Lion is proud to introduce Enlighten

Lower the standards, raise the game

Many consumers are so confused around the new drink driving laws, fear paralyzes them on making a choice when meeting friends at a bar.  To help empower bar owners and drinkers, Lion is proud to introduce Enlighten, a new range of lower alcohol drink options that have each been designed to contain less than one standard drink per serve.

Available now, Enlighten is providing on-premise with a huge database of drink options to serve consumers looking for the freedom to enjoy a drink and juggle their lives. 

Whether it’s an Apple Turnover, Crushed Velvet or Watermelon Spritz, the menu of drinks have been carefully created by the Lion Ambassador Team to sit under the standard drink serve measure.

Frankie Walker, Leader, Lion Ambassador Team, says: “Consumer trends have shown that there’s a strong move towards moderation, health and well-being.  Recent industry research* has also revealed 58% of trade businesses have said the new drink driving laws have had a negative impact on sales by more than 10%.”

“People are more mindful of what they are drinking.  They are choosing to drink moderately, but are trading up to more premium products.”

“People still want to go out to socialise with their friends. So the challenge for us is to make sure we are offering them a suitable drink option that can be served at all social occasions.  We also want to empower bar owners to be able to offer a range of standard drink options rather than lose business altogether.”

The Enlighten range brings together many drink options that have been created by the Lion Ambassador Team, who together have over 75 years experience in the hospitality sector.

Frankie continues: “More drinks will continue to be added to the ever-expanding portfolio over time and these will be offered to on-premise digitally and via menus.”

Two Enlighten menu options are available to on-premise:

Themed Menus

These feature drinks that have been selected by the Lion Ambassadors. 

Bespoke Menus

The bespoke menu allows bar owners to choose from the ever-growing selection of Enlighten drinks, so that it’s specifically suited to their venue.

To order menus or find out more about Enlighten, businesses can speak to their Lion Sales Executive. Then simply choose a menu design from the four different Enlighten colour palates, set the price points for the drinks and the number of menus they’d like.

Frankie concludes: “Our business has to consistently evolve to keep our offering fresh and on target for both our drinkers and trade customers. Enlighten is just one way to keep people in the game – on both sides of the coin.”

For further information please contact Lindsay Stanley (09) 360 0385, or email lindsay@theprshop.co.nz