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Lion Dairy & Drinks undertakes recall of dairy products in Western Australia

26 January 2016 - Lion Dairy & Drinks (Lion) is undertaking a recall of a number of products manufactured on Saturday 23 January 2016 at its Bentley dairy site in Western Australia as a precautionary measure.

The recall follows routine internal testing which showed a microbial count in excess of our quality standards. There have been no consumer complaints to date made regarding any of the products.

Importantly, Lion has undertaken additional testing on all retention samples for these batches, and to date testing has found no evidence of any contaminant known to cause illness.

The products impacted by this recall are:



Use By Date


Hi-Lo 600ml

7 February 2016

Hi-Lo 1L

7 February 2016


Strawberry 300ml

7 February 2016

Strawberry 600ml

7 February 2016

Strawberry 1L

7 February 2016

Double Shot Iced Coffee 600ml

7 February 2016

Mocha 600ml

7 February 2016

Mocha 1L

7 February 2016

Coffee Light 600ml

7 February 2016

Chocolate 300ml

6 February 2016

Chocolate 600ml

6 February 2016

Farmers Union

Iced Coffee 600ml

7 February 2016

These products are only distributed for sale in Western Australia.

We believe this is an isolated incident impacting only the production on one manufacturing line on Saturday 23 January 2016 at the Lion Bentley dairy site.

We encourage anyone who has consumed these products with the specific use by date outlined and who feels unwell to seek medical advice as required.

Anyone in possession of the impacted products should not consume them but dispose of the product and call the Lion Consumer Enquiries Centre on 1800 677 852 for a full refund.

Consumer Enquiries:

For all consumer enquiries please contact the Lion Consumer Enquiry Centre on 1800 677 852.

Elise Gare

External Relations Director, Lion Dairy & Drinks

Phone: +61 437 306 437


Ian Haberfield

External Relations Manager, Lion Dairy & Drinks

Phone: +61 3 918 6181