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Lion buys entire ad break to run short form content

Lion will launch a three minute short form ad break on Channel 9 for Dare Iced Coffee.


April 16, 2012

Lion will launch a three minute short form ad break on Channel 9 for Dare Iced Coffee, which runs the entire break, on Tuesday 17 April. The segment will feature actor / comedian Ryan Shelton who will attempt to bring to life the creative idea of ‘A Dare Iced Coffee Fix’ll Fix It’ in an entertaining way.

 Brent Whelan, Lion Dairy Beverages Marketing Manager says the unique concept targeted the hard to reach 20 to 30 year old audience, traditionally Dare Iced Coffee’s greatest brand adorers.

 “Many of our target audience find commercial breaks annoying, so Dare has set out to fix their boring moments by making it entertaining and worth tuning in for,” he says. “The three minute ad break concept was conceived by SMV and centres on providing engaging content with an irreverent and switched on solution to an everyday problem.

” Fans will be able to upload their everyday dilemmas on the Dare Facebook page for their chance to win $30,000 and have their problem fixed Dare-style on national TV during the final segment. The three minute ‘A Dare Iced Coffee Fix’ll Fix It’ ad break series will run every fortnight from 17 April to 26 June.

Dare Iced Coffee belongs to the dairy beverages category, whose total market size is 234 mL and growing at seven per cent, with the iced coffee segment growing at 17 per cent.¹ “We’re seeing real growth in the iced coffee segment because it is on trend and delivers to busy consumers’ need for energy and convenience, capitalising on Australia’s growing love affair with coffee,” says Mr Whelan.

 “The success of the dairy beverages category overall is uniquely Australian and in particular, the rising popularity of iced coffee variants such as Dare is driving this growth.” The campaign premieres on Channel 9 on Tuesday 17 April from 9pm. Watch the segment here: http://youtu.be/I7nwwM2XyQk ¹: Source: Dairy Australia, 2011

Media contact: Libby Hay 0419 368 744