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Introducing MoCU for the curious customer

Launching today, MoCU, which stands for Modern Curations Gallery, is a new way for consumers to engage with and buy expertly curated collections of premium beer, cider and select wines online.

Introducing MoCU for the curious customer

11 November 2016: - Launching today, MoCU, which stands for Modern Curations Gallery, is a new way for consumers to engage with and buy expertly curated collections of premium beer, cider and select wines online.

MoCU, which is the brainchild of Lion, is an experience led e-commerce platform that enables people to tap into the stories, provenance and artistry behind its exclusive and boutique range of beer, cider and wine. Products have been sourced from Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the USA including the White Rabbit RED, Emerson’s Brewery 1812 and Yo-Ho Brewing Yona Yona Ale – the latter to be released in December.

MoCU eCommerce Director Sandy Park said the site would help grow the beer category by appealing to consumers who were interested in discovering and evolving their personal tastes.

“We have collaborated with outstanding brewers and makers including Wada San from Spring Valley Brewery, Chuck Hahn from Kosciuszko Brewery, Richard Emerson of Emerson’s Brewery and Chris Sheehan of Malt Shovel Brewery,” Park said.

“Together we’ve developed a series of collections containing mixed themed beers or wines showcasing limited and seasonal releases from our breweries and vineyards, along with products consumers know and love.”

The site uses the metaphor of ‘gallery’ as its inspiration and encourages discovery and exploration through the MoCU Journal page, which will share the knowledge of collaborators from the brewing, wine making and art worlds.

“We believe brewing and wine making are as much an art as they are the result of science, which is why MoCU will host artworks drawing inspiration from some of the products available, in particular referencing how they came to life,” Mr Park continued.

“The first MoCU exhibition will be staged in mid-January next year, with more information to be released closer to the date.”

Chris Sheehan said, “As brewers, MoCU is a great platform to showcase our harder to find offerings and one-offs that we’ve been working on, making them readily available for everyone to purchase. The Dark Discovery pack is a particular favourite of mine, it includes key examples of dark beers from both sides of the Tasman to help people explore the myriad styles and flavour profiles available. Ultimately, this is what we’re all about as brewers.”

Championing innovation and experimentation, MoCU will also act as a platform for brewers to take their more diverse products to the market, including the likes of the recently released extremely limited edition White Rabbit RED and Little Creatures VHA – Double IPA.

Park said that while MoCU’s range is heavily weighted towards craft beer, the site  will feature select wines from around the world.

In addition to the collections packs, consumers can still conveniently purchase four packs, six packs and 12 packs of the local and international beers they know and love.

MoCU customers will be encouraged to interact with and enjoy the curations through a series of events to be announced in the coming months.

Further detail

  • MoCU will be live on 11 November, 2016 and will be found at mocu.com.au
  • MoCU will launch with 11 collections available for purchase.
  • MoCU Collections (four, six & 12 bottles) will range from approximately $25 - $45 depending on the bottles included.
  • MoCU will deliver to New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, and Australian Capital Territory.


Contact: Elyse Dudgeon, Dig+Fish | M: 0417 590 190 | E: Elyse.Dudgeon@digandfish.com 

More about MoCU

MoCU is a new experience led e-commerce solution focused on providing curated beer, cider and wine collections to discerning consumers. 

MoCU will source beer, cider and wine brands from Lion’s portfolio in Australia and New Zealand and the portfolios of our affiliated partners abroad. MoCU’s aim is to ignite the curiosity of Australian consumers to explore the artisanal world of beer and wine by sharing our knowledge and helping people discover their own personal tastes.