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Eagles Spearhead Kennedy Refuels with Masters Choc Milk

West Coast Eagles favourite and 2015 AFL Coleman Medallist Josh Kennedy believes the secret to his post football recovery lies with a Western Australian icon.

1 August 2016:- West Coast Eagles favourite and 2015 AFL Coleman Medallist Josh Kennedy believes the secret to his post football recovery lies with a Western Australian icon.

As an avid consumer of Masters flavoured milk, Kennedy has partnered with the Western Australian brand, to showcase the benefits of reduced fat chocolate milk as the ideal sports recovery drink [1]. The popularity of Masters Choc Milk was built on the back of its great, refreshing taste, but the nutrients inherent in reduced fat flavoured milk also make it a great drink for recovery post exercise [1]. 

He joins a growing band of professional athletes consuming milk and especially flavoured milk post exercise. According to the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), flavoured milk is an ideal choice after exercise to provide the right combination of nutrients to refuel, repair and rehydrate.

Regarded as one of the very best AFL star forwards, Kennedy exemplifies the modern elite goal-kicker. It’s no longer enough to be tall and to just lead out from the goal square and expect to be a success in the super-fast, tactical chess game that is AFL today. The players who prove to be the most potent scorers now must read the play better than ever, make their own opportunities and be able to switch on explosive power when those split-second opportunities present themselves. To consistently do that time and time again means recovery after a hard training session or match is critical.

With more than 400 career goals to his name so far, Kennedy is a strong believer in the importance of good nutrition in sport, especially when it comes to recovery and fuelling up on something fresh packed with goodness. Kennedy says Masters Choc Milk is his go-to recovery drink - it’s nutritious, packed with high quality dairy protein and energy to refuel after a hard training session or match.

He’s not the only one though – the functional benefits of milk as a sports recovery drink are starting to become more openly discussed and recognised among health professionals and elite athletes of all persuasions. The AIS recommend flavoured milk as an ideal post exercise drink when refuelling, repair and rehydration are needed.  However, these benefits aren’t exclusive to professional sportspeople; they’re also available to everyday athletes in the Masters Choc Milk they’ve always loved.

Like Sunday arvos at Cottesloe Beach, Broome’s Staircase to the Moon and even the Fremantle Doctor, Masters is a Western Australian icon, and a part of life in this state. It enjoys this heritage for very good reason. Using milk sourced locally from Western Australian dairy farmers and made in the dairy manufacturing site in Bentley in Perth, Masters Choc Milk is another Western Australian success story.

After five decades in the market place, Masters remains the great-tasting chocolate milk you have grown to know and love. Made with milk from Western Australian dairy farmers, it’s not only delicious and rich in nutrients, but also conveniently delivers protein to repair, energy to refuel and electrolytes to rehydrate, making it a great post-exercise drink [1].

  1. As part of a balanced diet, Master Choc 600mL provides protein for muscle repair, energy to refuel plus potassium and magnesium to aid hydration.

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