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Aussies vote for a loo with a view for XXXX Island

A toilet with one way mirrors and a glass floor has been voted by Aussies to build on XXXX island.


June 8, 2012

A toilet with one way mirrors and a glass floor has been voted by Aussies as one of the top five ideas for what to build on XXXX Island, XXXX GOLD’s newly acquired island off the Southern Great Barrier Reef. Appropriately called the ‘golden nugget’, the loo would be positioned in a ‘lookout’ location to ensure users could enjoy all the scenic glory of the island whilst on the so-called ‘throne’.

Over the past few months the team at XXXX GOLD asked Aussies to share their thoughts on what would help make XXXX Island the ultimate destination for those who love the good life. Enticing consumers with a chance to win a trip to XXXX Island valued at $10,000, xxxxisland.com.au was inundated with more than 3,000 ideas from across the country, ranging from a floating fishing bar and a beach poker table, to a cinema-sized floating TV screen.

More than 27,500 votes were cast and the top five ideas selected, with each of the winners scoring one of the first coveted trips to XXXX Island for themselves and three mates when the island officially opens in October.

 Anna McMillan, XXXX Marketing Manager, said: “We had some amazing ideas, but when we came across the winning submissions, we thought they were just brilliant. XXXX Island is all about offering Aussies the chance to experience the good life and enjoy a weekend away with their mates, and these ideas will help make their time on XXXX Island an even greater experience.”

 The other winning ideas are:

 • The Tree House – A fully decked out tree house overlooking the beach (think Swiss Family Robinson) with the addition of a fireman’s pole and basketball hoop. Submitted by Rhys Edwards from New South Wales.

• XXXX Footy – Positioning floating footy posts 20 metres offshore where guests can kick for goals from the beach. The ball would be attached to a fishing wire so it could be easily retrieved. Submitted by Dale Bromley from Western Australia

• Bruce the Beer Butler – Board shorts and tails; a butler who will make sure every minute of every hour of the day is pure gold. Submitted by Jeremy Rigby from Queensland.

 • Auto Lotion Sprayer – Avoid that awkward moment when you need to apply sunscreen to your mate’s back. The automatic machine would spray you with sunscreen before you go about your activities on XXXX Island. Submitted by Graham Wallis from New South Wales.

Some of the other shortlisted ideas included:

 • The ‘Hall Pass’ Call Centre – A dedicated room where staff will take all calls from wives, girlfriends, husbands, boyfriends and everyone else so that you can enjoy an uninterrupted few days of the good life (except in emergencies, of course).

 • Beach Poker Table – Guys love poker, but why should it be indoors. Bring the game outdoors with a poker table and stools placed in the shallow depths of the water.

 • The XXXX Dog – A playful pup to keep the guests on XXXX Island company. The XXXX dog, called “Digger” would help fetch beer from the fridge.

 • XXXX Mate’s Trophy Room – A room dedicated to past mates’ experiences, showing off photos of the biggest catch or from games played on the island.

The XXXX GOLD team is currently considering logistical needs to bring these ideas to life on the island and will keep consumers updated on how they are progressing with the ideas via xxxxisland.com.au.

There are still plenty of opportunities for consumers to have the chance to win a trip to XXXX Island and experience the good life with their mates. In the coming weeks, consumers will be able to win a trip for themselves and three mates through XXXX GOLD’s national on-pack promotion and second chance giveaway online. From now until September, they could also win through skills-based activities at select XXXX GOLD Retreat and Container Bar stops via the “XXXX Island Challenge”.

For more information on how you can win a trip to XXXX Island or to get involved, visit www.xxxxisland.com.au. -ENDS-


XXXX GOLD was first launched in 1990 and at 3.5% alcohol by volume is Australia’s leading mid-strength beer, and is now the country’s biggest beer by volume. For more than two decades, XXXX GOLD has been a supporter of both sport and the community across Australia. In 2007, XXXX GOLD unveiled the XXXX GOLD Beach Cricket Series, bringing some of the world’s best former cricketers to Australian beaches to compete in custom built stadiums. Supporting XXXX GOLD are also the XXXX Angels and XXXX GOLD Retreat, appearing at towns and events around the country.

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