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A Year of Good Progress: Lion Dairy and Drinks Releases Goodness Project Annual Update

28 October: - Lion Dairy & Drinks has released the first Goodness Project Annual Progress Update outlining its steps towards enhancing natural goodness across the dairy and non-alcoholic drinks portfolio. Reformulation initiatives achieved in the first year are expected to remove around 170 tonnes of added sugar and 175 tonnes of fat  from the Australian food supply in the coming year[1].

Lion Dairy & Drinks launched the Goodness Project in August 2014, making a commitment to help consumers improve their health and nutrition. The Goodness Project celebrates the existing goodness of our products and illustrates Lion Dairy & Drinks commitment to a range of additional targets to further improve the nutritional value of its products, address portion size and improve the nutritional literacy of consumers.

Lion Dairy & Drinks Managing Director Peter West said: “Australians want to eat better quality and more nutrient dense products and our dairy and juice portfolio is already well placed to help them do this.

“But we think we can do much more and that’s what the Goodness Project is all about. This program allows us to celebrate the existing goodness in our products as well as undertaking initiatives to improve products right across our portfolio, with the aim of making them as naturally good and nutritious as possible,” Mr West said.

“We are also taking a leadership position on nutrition education and labelling to help consumers understand what’s in their food, as well as introducing new packaging options to better help manage their portion size,” he said.

“We’re very excited about the progress made in the first year of the Goodness Project and there is an outstanding pipeline of new initiatives hitting the market in the second year.”

Lion Dairy & Drinks worked with experts at CSIRO and Deakin University to agree on robust nutrition criteria for assessing its portfolio. By 2019, 80% of Lions Dairy & Drinks’ portfolio will meet its ‘best’ or ‘good’ for you criteria, reducing the proportion of its ‘treat’ products.

Achieving Lion Dairy & Drinks Goodness Project targets by 2019 are expected to remove around 4 tonnes of sodium, 1400 tonnes of sugar and 500 tonnes of fat from the national food supply annually[2]. While also removing all artificial colours, flavours and added fructose in its children’s products.

Further, Lion Dairy & Drinks was one of the first food and drinks companies to commit to the government Health Star Rating (HSR), along with additional energy information (energy per 100g/mL and per serve). Lion Dairy & Drinks has already made significant progress in year one of the Goodness Project with 20% of its products now displaying the HSR.

“We are also excited to announce our New Zealand Dairy business is now part of the Goodness Project.”

Mr West said: “The Goodness Project is a perfect example of how sustainable commercial success is dependent on meeting the future needs of the community.”

“Australians are so much more nutrition savvy than as recently as 10 years ago. Technology will make it easier for them to seek out information and plan their diets. The food companies that thrive over the coming decades will be focused on helping Australians live better, healthier lives.”

A summary of year one progress is attached.

For further information, please contact:

Elise Gare
External Relations Director, Lion Dairy & Drinks
Tel: +61 3 9188 6177  Mob: +61 437 306 437
E-mail:  elise.gare@lionco.com


[1] Based on sales volume Oct 2015

[2] Base-line  annual sales volumes, excluding everyday cheese