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Our Business

Lion is a leading beverage and food company with a portfolio that includes many of Australia and New Zealand’s favourite brands.

Lion Dairy & Drinks

Lion Dairy & Drinks brings delicious natural goodness to every Australian, every day.

We produce, market and distribute some of Australia’s most iconic brands in milk, dairy beverages, yoghurt, juice and soy. Every year we purchase around one billion litres of milk from over 550 Australian dairy farmers, and crush approx. 75,000 tonnes of fruit from orchards across the country.

We work to build partnerships with our customers, farmers and other stakeholders, and are focused on creating value for the long-term by championing the benefits of dairy and juice, and the credentials of our safe and reliable supply chain.

One of our key strengths is the nutritional powerhouse we deliver into Australian homes every day – our dairy and juice portfolio.

Our repertoire of natural dairy and juice products is highly aligned to Australians’ increasing desire to eat better quality and less processed food.  Almost everything we make comes from Australian farms, and the reach of our brands means that we can play a direct role in improving the choices and the health of Australian families.  In fact, we've made it our mission to bring delicious natural goodness to every Australian, every day.


We think it's unacceptable that Australians today are still not getting the nutrition they need. Too many kids are going to school without a proper breakfast.  Only 1% of teenagers get their RDI of fruit without juice, and 80% of Australians don't get their recommended daily intake of dairy.

We're taking a stand and saying that dairy is the best way to start every child's day, and that every child should enjoy a glass of 100% juice every day as part of a balanced diet.  We believe that all afternoon snacks should be a high protein yoghurt and a low GI juice, rather than a soft drink and a chocolate bar, and that the only drinks available at the checkout should be the natural options of milk, water and juice.

We’re growing our business and taking a leadership position in support of good nutrition by further improving our portfolio over the next few years. Our commitments include:

  • Further reducing the salt, sugar and fat across our portfolio, and never adding manufactured transfats;
  • Eliminating anything that’s not natural from our kids’ products – including artificial colours and flavours;
  • By 2018, 80% of everything we make will either be ‘best’ or ‘good’ for you – with fewer treat products –to encourage consumers to enjoy our products more often as part of a balanced diet.

We expect our commitments will remove around 9 tonnes of salt, 1400 tonnes of sugar and 600 tonnes of fat from the national diet each year when fully implemented without any taste and quality compromise.

Learn more about these commitments – which we’re calling Our Goodness Promise

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