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Supporting Better Choices

We believe the reach of our brands means we can play a direct role in improving the food and beverage choices of Australians and New Zealanders. Through better-for-you innovation and broadening our product options, we aim to do just that.

Our Goodness Promise (formerly known as The Goodness Project)

We believe it’s unacceptable that many people aren’t getting the nutrition they need each day:

  • We know that one in 10 children in Australia and New Zealand are going to school without a proper breakfast – this is one too many!
  •  More than 80% of Australia’s, along with 40% of adults and 25% of children in New Zealand, are not getting their recommended daily serves of fruit, from whole fruit alone[i].
  • Ninety percent of Australian children and adults don’t get their recommended daily intake of dairy, with more than 50% of Australians aged 2 years and older not getting enough calcium, and 60% of adults and children in New Zealand.

Almost everything we make comes from the farm or orchard, and with the reach of Lion Dairy & Drinks portfolio of natural dairy and juice products, we can play a direct role in improving the choices and the health of families.  In fact, the mission of the Lion Dairy & Drinks business is to deliver more natural goodness to every person, every day and we are committed to doing this by putting nutrition at the heart of everything we do.

To deliver on this commitment, in 2014 we announced we were taking a leadership position to improve not only what’s inside our products, but what’s outside them too, with packaging and other supporting initiatives. Our goal is to make it easier for consumers to make healthier choices for themselves and their families. This is what we called ‘Our Goodness Promise’. Each year we audit on our achievements, to ensure we are delivering to our Promise.

We believe …

  1. Dairy and juice is a great way to start the day
  2. A small glass of fruit juice (with no added sugar) can help Australian children and adults achieve their recommended daily intake of fruit
  3. All afternoon snacks should be a protein-packed milk or yoghurt, or a low GI juice – not confectionary or soft drink
  4. In a world where the only drinks at the checkout are milk, water or juice (with no added sugar)
  5. The best post workout protein boost you can get is plain or flavoured milk
  6. The best food and drink comes from the farm or orchard.


We have audited our product portfolio and set ourselves some clear targets and commitments to help us provide a range of products to meet the health and nutrition needs of our consumers. Our intent is to give people options to help them to balance what they eat and drink, as well as provide more information about the products they are consuming – all while still having a little fun and indulgent goodness!

We are excited to share a new initiative that will complement Our Goodness Promise, called ‘Milk Loves You Back’Many of us may have forgotten how nutritious milk is and the goodness it brings to all the dairy foods we love. While most of us know milk is good for us, it’s not a conscious source of nutrition. With nine out of 10 Australians not consuming the recommended serves of dairy or alternatives each day, there is a public health opportunity to improve the health of Australians by bringing them closer to their daily dairy or alternatives target.

Milk Loves You Back’ aims to remind Australians of the nutritional benefits of our milks like Pura, Dairy Farmers and Masters, and the eight essential nutrients it naturally contains – such as calcium for healthy bones and teeth (when consumed as part of a balanced diet), along with protein, iodine, phosphorous, potassium and vitamin B2, B5 and B12.   

As of March 2017, the ‘Milk Loves You Back’ logo started to appear on our white milk products that naturally contained the goodness of 8 essential nutrients – along with the 8 essential nutrients listed in the nutrition information panel. This information continues to be added to our white milk products, and towards the end of 2017, the ‘Milk Loves You Back’ logo and nutrition information will be added to all of our flavoured milk and yoghurt products that contain the goodness of the 8 essential nutrients.

To read more about Our Goodness Promise commitments please download Our Goodness Promise booklet here or watch our short video here. The latest Goodness Promise media release can be viewed here.

To learn more about ‘Milk Loves You Back’, click here


[i] Excludes fruit juice and dried fruit

  • Our Goodness Promise Guidebook

    Learn all about Our Goodness Promise commitments, including our portfolio targets and our position on a range of nutrition matters, in the Guidebook.

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    If you’re short on time you can learn about Lion’s Goodness Promise commitments in a flash with our Goodness Promise Overview.

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  • Our Nutrient Criteria

    Our Goodness Promise is underpinned by robust nutrient criteria, based on local and international scientific and government standards and reviewed by independent experts.

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  • Our Goodness Promise Video

    Lion is taking a leadership position to improve not only what’s inside our products, but what’s outside them too, making it easier for consumers. Watch the video here.

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